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The Robot

Robot Design - by Tyler
the robot
 So far we have done very well with Evo-5.

If you look at the pictures you will see that we used a great amount of support struts so that we could achieve virtual indestructibility with our robot.

We also made a set of Easy-Attach arms that donít get stuck on and are very durable.

Our tank treads are driven by three tank wheels that are all geared together so nothing will slip. They are geared to be faster than the motor that is driving them.

There is space underneath the robot for attachments to slide on too.

You can click on the pictures for a close-up.
the robot

Robot History - by Robin
This robot design we came up with started as an idea for a 3 wheeled robot. Then we started to think about stability and durability so that our robot would not fall apart in the middle of a contest. So we went from 3 wheels to treads for the purpose of stability. 
 The team went though six robots to get to Evo/5, but the sixth was voted out by the team, because it was so fast it was out of control, which meant that it was less repeatable. After the team changed the robots a couple times, the team decided to change from wheels to tracks; it may have been slower but more repeatable.  After another few robots they got the tracks to go faster but still repeatable, and that became Evo/5.
building supplies

Attachments and Arms - by Gavin and the team

The arms on the robot are very important to have. They help the robot do the missions and complete its tasks.
  • The arm on the bottom left corner pushes the truck and the lever.
  • The arm in the upper left corner is used to align the robot with the Cancer Mission and the one bellow it drops the buckyball in the arm bone.
  • The arm in the center top is the arm used to drop the molecule in the molecular motor and make it move.
  • The arm in the top right corner is used to separate the magnetic probes.
  • The arm in the bottom right hand corner is used to move the Pizza molecules to a certain spot, and to push the elevator, which causes an elevator to move up.
  • The arm in the middle is the one that moves a container under a fabric and then dumps molecules onto the fabric and into the container.

The Missions - by Justin
The Board
Our robot Evo (evolution) 5 has to complete 9 missions.
Dirt Trap: The dirt trap is a mission when we have to bring a bucket from home base to the dirt trap  and then we have to turn to the back of it and lift a lever and these little blue things ( dirt molecules ) fall out of a bucket  down the fabric and into the trap we placed under it.

Pizza Molecules: In pizza molecules we have to move these two molecules off a plate and onto the Lego man's face.

Molecular motor: Molecular motor is another mission when we take something from home base and take it to the mission. We have to take a molecule and put it through a loop and it doesnít matter if it works or not we just have to get the molecule through.

Cable: In cable we have to push this truck onto a cart and then back up and push this lever which lifts the platform that the truck is on.

Elevator: In elevator we have to push one side of it and in order for it to work both teams have to push their side.

Smart Medicine: The smart medicine is were we have to deliver a bucky ball to the cancer.

Atom Table: The atom table is were there is a table made out of legos and is balanced on 4 rubber bands. We have to knock white legos off  the table and we cannot knock off any of the red ones. 

Probe: Probe is were we have to separate 2 magnets.

Self Assembly: In self-assembly we have to turn a lever to and then these flags fall down.