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Our Sponsors

Unfortunately, there are costs involved in having this team. Although the school pays for the team registration, there are typically some other costs involved - usually under $200. However, this last year (2006-2007) an entirely new type of robot was introduced by Lego. In order to provide the optimal environment for development for the team, two sets of this were purchased at an additional cost of over $700.

Fortunately, we were blessed with incredible support from the following sponsors. These people gave their time and money to make sure that this program succeeded.

Our Sponsors
  • Monica Argenbright
  • Mark Buck
  • Heidi Buck
  • The Demma Family
  • Kristin Havens
  • Kevin and Suzanne LeVezu and Family
  • Pat and Chuck LeVezu
  • The Moss Family
  • Darryl Nicolay
  • Jack Nicolay
  • The Striplin Family
  • Phyllis Vincelette
  • Bill and Dorothy Vogel
  • Dr. Kim Vogel
  • Bill and Laura Vogel
  • Susan Vogel